The Team

Our uniquely structured community of investors brings optimum insight to all of our investing decisions. At the center of this community is our board, surrounded by the Gratitude Investment Partners - all working together, leveraging their shared knowledge and experience. Surrounding these inner circles is the broader Gratitude Community connected to and collaborating with the whole.

Team Infographic

How we got our start

Gratitude Railroad was founded in 2013 by Howard Fischer and Eric Jacobsen after attending the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative. Howard, a hedge fund CEO, and Eric, a tech entrepreneur and private equity investor, developed Gratitude Railroad to transform traditional capitalism into a force for solving critical environmental and social problems. Together, they envisioned building a community that supported Gratitude Railroad and was committed to bettering the world.

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GRR Board & Team

Howard Fischer

Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

Eric Jacobsen

Co-Founder & Conductor of Purpose

Thomas Knowles

Managing Partner

Joe Hammer

Board Member

Sarah Berner

Board Member

Peter Knight

Board Member

Blake Kirby

Board Member & Engineer of Passion, Purveyor of Fun

Harry Rappaport

Investment Analyst

Stephanie Stettler

Director of Community

Mike Dutton

General Partner, The Builders Fund

Tripp Baird

General Partner, The Builders Fund

David Nicola

Managing Partner, Blackdirt Capital

Gratitude Investment Partners

Gratitude Investment Partners is our founding investor group dedicated to active involvement in the Gratitude Railroad investing process. Consisting of 10 core members that have pledged capital to invest alongside the board and bring extensive operating and investing acumen to increase our capacity and improve execution.

Gratitude Community

The Gratitude Community is a network of accomplished investors, academics, activists, business leaders and entrepreneurs who share our values and vision of harnessing capitalism as a force for good. 

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