Board of Stewards

Aaron Walker


Aaron believes in the audacity of visionaries to help build companies that improve lives and create value. As a 3x founder, he has led and supported world changing companies to flourish in booming economies and global pandemics. He currently is the Managing Partner at the Ruthless for Good Fund, an early-stage fund focused on education, work and improving access. 

In his most recent company, Camelback Ventures, he also runs an accelerator to invest in and support over 140 founders, leading companies to subsequent funding rounds ($100M+) and profitable outcomes. Aaron has 10 years practice as a partner to founders, whether that involves counseling co-founders through disagreements; helping founders close funding gaps in weeks; or advising to resolve strategy and talent needs.  

His perspective on investing and partnering with entrepreneurs is also informed by his time as a classroom teacher (believe and support good people) and by being a practicing attorney (great service providers bring expertise and business acumen to their clients). If you’re curious about the names of the places he’s worked and learned, check out LinkedIn