Our vision is to refocus the intention of capitalism on being a force for the greater good.

We are a community of investors who are inspired and dedicated to solving environmental and social problems through the profitable deployment of financial, intellectual, and human capital.

We operate an alternative investment platform that allocates capital into businesses and investments that generate both authentic impact and superior risk-adjusted financial returns.

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We've decided to cancel our 2020 retreat due to COVID-19.

We are hoping to resume the event in the fall of 2021 in Park City —please stay tuned for more information later this year. We will not host any in person meetings or gatherings until we have more information regarding the virus, travel restrictions, and social distancing guidelines. We will continue to host virtual gatherings related to critical impact issue areas and investment opportunities. We hope you will join us as we work to engage and support the community while navigating these unprecedented times.

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Our mission is to support investors in moving capital from traditional finance to investments that create deep social and environmental impact without comprising financial returns.

What We Do

Build Investor Community

Educate Investors

We engage traditional investors to explore the practice and concept of conscious capitalism. We help investors develop and improve their knowledge, resources and connections to shift capital into impact investments.

Convene Gatherings

We gather regularly as a community across the US to host discussions about key social and environmental issues and identify investment opportunities as actionable solutions.

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Make Impact Investments

Incubate Impact Infrastructure

In order to scale impact investing it is necessary to build out different structures and asset classes that meet the needs of different investor profiles and increase the resilience, inclusivity, and sustainability of capitalism. We seed new impact fund managers and incubate innovative ideas and capital structures in collaboration with ecosystem partners to address gaps in the market

Direct Venture Capital

We manage a portfolio of early-stage investments, execute opportunistic co-investments with our community, and create special purpose vehicles for unique or larger assets.

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Grow the Ecosystem

Collaborate with Partners

We develop collaborations with various ecosystem builders to co-create movement toward the shared vision of refocusing capitalism as a force for good.

Catalyze the Capital Shift

We build cooperative relationships with financial intermediaries to develop impact investing infrastructure and thereby jumpstart awareness and capital flows.

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What and who inspires us?

Check out some content that has been integral to keeping us moving in the right direction. 

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