We are a community-driven impact investment firm championing innovative businesses that generate compelling financial returns and enduring impact.

Over the past decade, we have seeded and built a large portfolio of companies and funds, catalyzing hundreds of millions of dollars into impact-focused enterprises.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow a diverse and committed community of investors leveraging their intellectual, social, and financial capital to resource entrepreneurs creating enduring, equitable impact. 

Our People

Our shared leadership model leverages countless decades of relevant experience and diverse perspectives from the impact, investment, business, and philanthropic sectors.

In addition to a full-time team, our work is supported by experienced Venture Partners and Investment Committees, as well as a unique governing Board of Stewards.

Our Values

Our values guide all activities across our organization, investments, and community.


We trailblaze the path not yet followed. We embody a growth mindset and encourage experimentation, even if the work is messy. Iteration matters to us as much as contemplation.


We believe forging inclusive partnerships drives the deepest impact, even if the work is harder and more complex. We build bridges and commit to leveraging our resources to increase access and promote equity.  


We bring our whole heart to this work. We respect the journey of the passionate disruptor and care deeply about the impact we create for society and the environment. 


We strive to be self-aware and understand our shortcomings. We learn and defer to those that have more knowledge and lived experience, and aim to always improve and leave a situation or place better than we found it. 


We practice gratitude and come to this work with a mindset of abundance and sharing. We approach our work with joy and optimism, because we believe the world can and will be better.