Investment Committee

Rachel Sheinbein

Venture Partner

Rachel Sheinbein is an angel investor and advisor in companies such as Cnote, Social Imprints, Aspiration, Electriphi (acquired), Streamlit (acquired), Thrive Natural Care, Ketos, Picnic Health, Scan (acquired) and PV Evolution Labs (acquired). She invests independently and through Very Serious Ventures, Broadway Angels and has co-led 2 Portfolia funds, encouraging more women to angel invest. 

Previously, she was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Makeda Capital which focused on investing in public companies with female CEOs. Before Makeda, Rachel was a Partner at CMEA Capital, a venture capital firm with more than $1.2 billion under management, investing in Clean Technology.  She was formerly a board member for Arcadia Biosciences (public) and Solaria. Before CMEA, Rachel was a consultant for start-ups in the areas of bio-plastics, solar and water. For nine years prior, Ms. Sheinbein worked at Intel, in wastewater systems, environmental health & safety, and supply chain IT. Rachel is on the board of Techbridge Girls. She holds a Chemical Engineering degree with a concentration in Environmental Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Rachel was also a sponsored fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she received an MBA and a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a focus on operations and supply chain.