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Conscious Capitalism is a mindset that informs all our investments. We believe in taking a whole-stakeholder approach to business - one that optimizes value for all stakeholders and is predicated on the idea that strong and engaged stakeholders lead to a healthy, sustainable, and resilient business.

 Fund Managers

The Builders Fund Logo

The Builders Fund

The Builders Fund is a private equity platform investing in high-growth, purpose-driven companies whose products, services and supply chain intrinsically deliver positive social and environmental benefit.

General Partners: Tripp Baird and Mike Dutton

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Blackdirt Logo

Blackdirt Capital

Blackdirt Capital develops land-based and real asset projects in the U.S. agriculture sector with a focus on the grassfed and organic sectors.

General Partner: David Nicola

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Atlas Impact Partners Logo

Atlas Impact Partners

A long-short absolute return strategy designed to capture investment opportunity at the nexus of innovation, disruption, and impact. 

Founders: Robert Brown, David Lowish, David Castricone

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Atlas Organics Logo

Atlas Organics

Vertically integrated organics recycling platform collecting commercial and residential food waste, operating municipal and private composting facilities, and selling premium finished compost product.

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Blokable Logo


High-performance modular building systems complete with smart home software and hardware, allowing developers to deliver residential, retail, and mixed-use projects in a fraction of the time. 

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Cadence Health Logo

Cadence Health

Intends to be the first company in any developed nation to convert a popular and trusted oral contraceptive from prescription to over the counter status in order to increase contraceptive access choice.

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Clear Ballot Logo

Clear Ballot

Manufactures and develops a comprehensive suite of voting system technology, including: ballot layout, reporting, accessible voting software, and in-person voting hardware.  

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Concious Company Media Logo

Concious Company Media

Elevates consciousness in the business world by sharing stories about business as a force for good, hosting educational evens, and connecting talented individuals with purpose-driven work. 

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Everytable Logo


Making nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all through small, grab-and-go storefronts in both underserved communities and affluent areas. To ensure that everyone can afford their meals, Everytable prices them according to the neighborhoods they serve.

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Graduation Alliance Logo

Graduation Alliance

Alternative education platform for at-risk students. Career-focused online courses and support form social workers help students achieve marketable skills and high school diplomas. 

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Imperfect Foods Logo

Imperfect Foods

Fights food waste by finding a home for ‘ugly’ produce at 30-50% less than grocery store prices. Formatted as a direct to consumer subscription service. 

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Kenzie Academy Logo

Kenzie Academy

Campus-based and online coding and design school targeting overlooked U.S. cities. Alternative to colleges and short-term bootcamps that addresses the growing tech industry talent gap through affordable education for all.

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Food-grade, marine-degradable straws made from kelp that can withstand over 18 hours of continuous use. With a mouth-feel similar to traditional plastic, the straws offer an environmentally friendly solution to the global plastics problem without compromising the user experience or requiring a shift in consumer behavior.

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Mango Materials Logo

Mango Materials

Mango Materials manufactures bio-based, bio- and marine-degradable polymers using a patent-protected biological process. The process leverages a proprietary strain of bacteria called methanotrophs to transform methane into the bioplastic PHA (specifically poly-3-hydroxybutyrate or P3HB) for various use cases, namely biopolyester fibers as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based polyester and injection... Learn More



Fast-casual concept with locations currently in California and Texas. Brings fresh, local, organic produce and chef-driven food to a fast-casual environment with environmentally responsible restaurant operations and technology integration.

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Oceans Halo Logo

Oceans Halo

Natural, healthy, farm-grown seaweed snack.  Utilize a vertically integrated ‘ocean to table’ manufacturing process with no need for fresh water, deforestation or fertilizer. 

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Pigeonly Logo


Platform making it easy to search, find and communicate with incarcerated loved ones. Pigeonly has a free inmate lookup database, proprietary direct to consumer communication services, and is launching a postal mail solution for correctional facilities. 

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Renewal Workshop Logo

Renewal Workshop

Apparel company that recovers imperfect clothing from brands. Renewal Workshop refurbishes and then co-brands this ‘waste’ clothing , selling it back to brands, wholesalers and consumers.  

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SmartLam North America Logo

SmartLam North America

First manufacturer of Cross Laminated Timber products in the U.S. Focus is to develop practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to satisfy all customer’s project requirements and expand the use of mass timber construction.

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Ultranauts Logo


Founded in 2013 by two MIT engineers, Ultranauts is an onshore quality
engineering and assurance services firm on a mission to prove that neurodiversity, including autism, is a competitive advantage in business.

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