People live on the planet in interconnected systems. As investors, we have come to view all impact areas as fundamentally interconnected and our approach to impact evaluation takes into account the intersectionality of different issue areas. We intentionally take a holistic, qualitative view when evaluating the impact of companies and actively seek to break down silos between different disciplines.

We are especially interested in intersectional innovations in the following focus areas: 

Champion Climate Justice

As our world warms, marginalized communities will be disproportionately affected by food scarcity, extreme weather events, and the loss of biodiversity. We bring a social justice lens to our climate investing and intentionally invest in solutions created by and for those most affected by climate change. Within climate justice, we invest in solutions in healthcare, workforce development, and climate mitigation. 

Heal Food Systems

Our food systems are broken and require new business models and technologies. The production of food is intertwined with human health outcomes, climate change adaptation and economic empowerment. We invest in solutions that promote healthier, resilient, and sustainable food systems; this includes AgTech, regenerative farming solutions, and digital solutions facilitating more local and efficient food systems.