Fund Investment Criteria

Stage: Our investment strategy focuses on early to growth stage private market funds with no minimum target fund size, but generally in the $20M – $100M range.

Asset Class: We primarily focus on Equity but also invest in other classes (e.g. Debt, Real Assets). We also welcome other innovative structures that are filling critical market gaps from an asset class, sector, or structure perspective.

Investment Size: Typical LP investments range from $500K – $2M.  We invest through a fund of fund structure or through an SPV structure that aggregates our investors’ contributions.

Geography: US-based funds or funds predominantly focused on servicing the U.S. market are the focus of our investments.

Impact: Diversity of GP ownership is highly considered as well as the fund’s value creation from a planetary health and social wellbeing standpoint.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice (DEIJ): We invest in fund managers that are deeply committed to DEIJ and prioritize investing in managers with relevant lived experience. We value teams that are willing to engage with investors around their DEIJ practices, including policies, data collection, and culture. 

Management Team: The Due Diligence 2.0 Commitment guides our approach to evaluating a team’s ability to execute on its investment strategy. We do not require a minimum track record and instead take into account relevant backgrounds, industry expertise, skills and knowledge.

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