Our Approach

We are guided by the idea that capitalism is a powerful & effective system, and when integrated with the core elements such as trust, compassion, collaboration and shared value creation, we can create good while generating profits.

The ripple effect of Gratitude Railroad's philosophy inspires our logo.
Our core tenets are represented by the four primary components of the mark.

What We Do

Purposeful Investments

Seed Fund Managers:

We partner with investment managers who bring deep experience from the ‘traditional’ capital markets, a desire, and capability to build an institutional grade investment platform that delivers top tier returns and positive impact.

Direct Investments:

We execute opportunistic co-investments with our fund partners, manage a portfolio of early stage investments and create special purpose vehicles for unique and larger assets.

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Community of Investors

Regular Convenings:

We gather regularly as a community to explore impact investing and conscious capitalism. We host discussions about the key challenges confronting humankind and possible for-profit solutions that move the needle.  

Catalyze Investors:

We provide resources, connections and to catalyze investors toward actionable investments that generate both positive impact and superior returns. 

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Inspire Others

Lead By Example

We invest our own capital to demonstrate through our investments that financial outperformance can occur in parallel with social and environmental impact. We believe these investments are scalable, replicable and can inspire others to do the same.

Grow the Impact Investing Ecosystem

We connect the brightest investors with thought leaders and ecosystem partners to discuss, debate and act on investment opportunities. Together we will navigate and lead the shift in capital markets needed for the 21st Century.

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