Ian Chabal

Investment Analyst

Ian joined Gratitude Railroad in March 2021 on the investment team. Before joining GRR, Ian worked at American Family Insurance supporting both their corporate venture capital team, as well as their social impact investment group. After gaining experience investing in early-stage startups, Ian completed an MBA degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Prior to business school, he worked at Deloitte as a consultant in their M&A and Strategy practice working with companies such as Verizon, Shell, and Kaiser Permanente. Ian began his career in the military as a Marine Scout Sniper and now lives in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Thinking over speaking; fall over summer; silly over serious; others over self; patience over haste; snow over sand; tequila over whiskey; wisdom over knowledge; quality over quantity; compassion over indifference; vanilla over chocolate; family over all.