Our Investments

Gratitude Railroad began investing in 2015 with the goal to catalyze investment in impact and demonstrate that investments can deliver superior risk-adjusted financial returns in parallel with positive social and environmental impact. Gratitude investments began with our founders' personal capital and has since evolved to include Gratitude investment partners and co-investors from the Gratitude community.

We do not invest from a traditional fund, but rather work closely with all our investors to identify opportunities and syndicate capital on an deal-by-deal basis. We take a long-term view on our investments and partner with entrepreneurs and investment managers to create enduring businesses that benefit humankind.

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Investment Focus & Criteria

Our investment focus in two-fold. First, we seed emerging investment managers who scale impact investing to institutional investors; second, we invest in early-stage businesses that prove the economic value of conscious capitalism.

Investment Managers

We partner with proven investors building authentic impact investing firms. Our bias is to fill market gaps with strategies that are scalable to institutional investors. We are asset class agnostic. In addition to seed capital, we bring expertise from the Gratitude Community to help managers launch and scale. Our current focus is on investment strategies in the United States.


We are creating a portfolio that generates positive systems change and superior risk-adjusted financial returns. We primarily invest in early-stage growth companies at the seed and series A level with revenue traction of ~$1M. We are sector and issue-area agnostic and focused on businesses in the United States. Our typical investment size is $250,000 - $2M.

Impact Investing Thesis

Gratitude Railroad screens investments on both what a business does as well as how it operates. We seek investment opportunities that solve social and environmental challenges with a systems-thinking approach and market-based solution. Our approach to screening investments involves defining each company's unique theory of change to ensure the company achieves its intended outcomes over time. We also screen for companies that have aligned their objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Lastly, we strive to support companies that adopt a whole-stakeholder concept and use the B-Corp methodology.

If you are an investor, investment manager, or entrepreneur interested in being a part of Gratitude Railroad's investments, please contact us with your interest.

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